We are dedicated to answering any questions you may have

Who are you?

We are two university students with a passion for both good quality streetwear, and good quality software. It just made sense to combine the two.

What features do your bots have?

The desktop bot has some added features:

What countries are supported?

We support every country that Supreme ships to. However, please note that keyword search is not available in Japan.

What operating systems do you support?

Our Chrome bots run on any platform that Chrome does. Our desktop bot runs on Windows and macOS.

How often are the bots updated?

We update our bots frequently, fixing any issues that may arise, e.g. if the Supreme website is changed in any way. The desktop bot will receive priority updates.

Do I have to renew the bots?

Nope - pay once, use forever. We will never charge you renewal or update fees.

Do you offer customer support?

Yes we do: join our discord server via the link in the navigation bar.

Can I purchase multiple items with your bots?

You certainly can. Our Chrome bots offer a shopping list feature, and the Desktop bot allows you to create unlimited tasks each with their own shopping list, meaning you can even purchase multiple of the same item at once.

How do I know my personal details are safe?

All of your personal information is stored locally and never transmitted to nor stored by us. We couldn't access it even if we wanted to.

Do your bots support proxies?

Yes. The desktop bot even allows you to assign a different proxy to each task.

Will this software guarantee that I am able to buy a product?

While our bots significantly improve your chances of being able to purchase a product, no software can absolutely guarantee success.

Any other questions? Don't hesitate to reach out. Join our Discord or email us at support@checkmeout.pro.