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Who are you?

We are two university students with a passion for both good quality streetwear, and good quality software. It just made sense to combine the two.

What features do your bots have?

How do I know my personal details are safe?

When you purchase the bot, take a look at it's permissions by clicking 'Details'. Here, you will see that the extension only has access to, and nothing else. Even if we wanted to, we have no way of seeing the personal info that you save. We use the Chrome secure storage engine to save all of your data, to your machine only.

Can you supply keywords each week?

Unfortunately, right now we do not have the time as students to put together a list of keywords and colours each week. We hope to be able to do this in the future though.

Do I need Google Chrome to use these services?

Yes. Currently we only make auto-checkout software in the form of Chrome Extensions.

Can I use this bot to purchase multiple items?

Yes you can! A queue system was added in version 3.0.

Will this software guarantee that I am able to buy a product?

While our bots significantly improve your chances of being able to purchase a product, no software can absolutely guarantee success.

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